Halcyon Lines

By Jess Lambert

Custom Surfboard Artwork

Based on the Gold Coast in Australia, Jess draws inspiration from her coastal surroundings to create detailed and intricate line artworks on a wide range of surfaces that extend past the usual paper and canvas.

As a way to combine her two passions of drawing and enjoying the beach, Jess drew on one of her surfboards 3 years ago, a piece that she and many others fell in love with. Since then she has worked on over 50 surfboards for clients seeking a custom design that is made just for them, their home, business or as a gift to someone special.

Each piece of work is hand drawn and one of a kind meaning no two are ever the same. Jess has worked for clients and businesses spanning across all of Australia as well as internationally, with boards in New York, England, the Philippines, China and Scandinavia.

With each board taking anywhere from 8 hours up to 30 hours to design from start to finish, Jess sees drawing as her outlet. For her, it’s an expression of who she is and what she loves doing.

This is where the name ‘Halcyon Lines’ originated. The word ‘halcyon’ means to feel such happiness, to be calm, stress-free and without any worries, exactly how Jess feels each time she picks up a pen or paintbrush.

After she creates her design each board is then professionally coated to protect the artwork, meaning it can be taken back out into the surf, or simply enjoyed as an art piece.

While she’s known for her surfboard designs Jess has a wide portfolio of work from the beach to the home, creating custom murals inside homes and businesses, detailed paintings on furniture such as coffee tables and custom designs to hang as feature pieces on walls.

I remember thinking to myself one day, “If you could live anywhere and do anything, where would you go and what would you do?” Within 4 weeks I’d moved to Byron Bay and was starting to build my business as an artist. Fast forward 2 years and I’m incredibly blown away every day by the support I get about my drawing. Being able to share my work, my passion, with other people, it’s an amazing feeling to do something you love and hear other people love it just as much.

Jess designing surfboard art for Surf Dive n Ski retail outlet

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